Saturday July 25, 2020 - Sunday July 26, 2020

Get Ready for NYE
United Through the Extraordinary!

Lea Morris

Andrew Wicks

Tracy Howe Wispelwey

Trayce Potter

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Sof Berlanga

Refresh Collective

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About the Gathering

Saturday, July 25
Available on-demand as of 9 am ET


This experience, designed specifically for NYE2020 centering the lived experiences of refugees, immigrants, and migrant workers in the United States. Participants will have the opportunity to enter into the stories of people migrating across borders around the world right now, through first hands accounts, videos, google earth, and more.

Saturday, July 25
Available on-demand as of 9 am ET


The afternoon also provides you the opportunity to participate in several workshops – each customized with NYE2020 and you in mind.
Join us online for some of these virtual gatherings centered around the following topics (and more TBD):
  • Social Media to Drive Climate Action
  • Just Say Know! Uniting for Justice through Faithful Sexuality Education
  • A Voice of Palestinian Youth

  • GMP Meets NYE

  • Mental Health/Illness and Our Christian Faith

  • Brave Space

  • Mindfulness in Times of Change

  • Deaf Community Ministry, Advocacy and ASL!

  • Art as Resistance & the Immorality of Drone Warfare

  • I Want You(th) to Make a Difference

Sunday, July 26
Premieres at 4pm ET


We will close out Unite Through the Extraordinary with a worship service that you do not want to miss:


  • Lea Morris
  • Tracy Howe Wispelwey
  • Trayce Potter
  • Refresh Collective

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